hey hey wait a sec

The term is finally over, yet my group still has to pass our film appreciation film for finals on Monday. I’m pissed off because initially, there are 3 members in this group. And when we finally set a date to shoot our film, one dropped out which left only me and my friend. I don’t mind that there are only 2 of us left in the group now. The film is totally doable with only 2 people. I was the actor, and my friend directed. I occasionally did some camera handling when it wasn’t my scene.

I don’t know why I care so much though. I usually just shrug things like these off. Originally, we didn’t mind not having our 3rd member because my friend and I trust each other (at least I think we do). But for some reason, when the 3rd member finally said she’d go solo, I was really pissed off. Up until now I’m pissed off. I’m actually currently talking to her.

You know what’s unfair about her? We were told to do our project in groups and she already started with hers. She didn’t even tell us that she was already filming. She probably wanted her story to be the one to be followed. But my friend had an awesome idea and I also wanted her story to be chosen because I really see the potential. But this other member probably didn’t. At first she was like “Yeah! That’s an awesome story! When are we gonna film?” but when we finally told her, she just decided to drop out like that telling me she’s already finished with her story. What the fuck? Why didn’t you tell us then? And you know what sucks? We’re asked to do an evaluation of each member and pass it online. Of course, I’m to grade my friend and the same goes for her. You’re not supposed to grade yourself. And this bitch goes solo and what does she do? Evaluate herself. Because she’s selfish like that. She wants all the glory. She wants a higher grade. She doesn’t trust us. Hello girl, me and my friend came from the same school and the standards are fucking high in that school. You better wish we were your group mates because we kill it.

Anyway, I’m just driven by anger right now. Irrational, I know but fuck you! This is my blog.


Y u negative?

It’s ironic how my mum married a foreigner and has biracial kids and still insults/bashes on foreigners like it’s her job.

I somehow feel offended every time she goes “Chinese people have nasty personalities. Koreans are arrogant. Those Europeans? When you get to their country, they’re not even that good looking. You think your relatives in England will accommodate you? They’re only gonna let you stay maybe for 1 or 2 days, then you’d have to leave immediately because they’re not hospitable unlike us… blahblahblah!” No offence to any of you though. That’s totally her opinion and not mine.

I don’t know why she has to say all these negative stuff about people from other countries. She’s probably basing these off a stereotype or from what she heard from someone or from a one time experience. I hate how she’s always doing this. Just because 1 foreigner was having a bad day or was being nasty and you saw it/experienced it, doesn’t mean all people from that country are like that. We’re individuals. We are all different from each other.

I’m probably offended because she’s not as open-minded about this as I am. I am a combination of 2 different nationalities (or whatever you call it). I can’t just go bash on one or two country because I understand that there are ups and downs when it comes to personalities and traits of foreigners. She engaged in an interracial marriage TWICE. Why can’t she understand? Why can’t she just shut up? If you have nothing good to say then it’s better to just shut your mouth so you won’t offend anyone.

Ugh! It pisses me off so much. Specially when one of her siblings are around, the only thing they’d do when watching tv (international channels) is say something bad about how other people look or how their personalities are as if they know the person.